circular formula

circular formula
French\ \ formule circulaire
German\ \ Zirkularreihenformel
Dutch\ \ cyclische-reeksformule
Italian\ \ formula circolare
Spanish\ \ fórmula circular
Catalan\ \ fórmula circular
Portuguese\ \ fórmula circular
Romanian\ \ -
Danish\ \ cirkulære formel
Norwegian\ \ sirkulære formel
Swedish\ \ cirkulär formel
Greek\ \ εγκύκλιος τύπος
Finnish\ \ kehäkaava
Hungarian\ \ körformula
Turkish\ \ dairesel formül
Estonian\ \ ringvalem
Lithuanian\ \ apskritimo formulė
Slovenian\ \ krožne formula
Polish\ \ wzór kołowy
Russian\ \ формула круга
Ukrainian\ \ кругова формула
Serbian\ \ -
Icelandic\ \ hringlaga uppskrift
Euskara\ \ zirkular formula
Farsi\ \ formoole dayere-ee
Persian-Farsi\ \ -
Arabic\ \ صيغة دائرية
Afrikaans\ \ sirkelformule
Chinese\ \ 循 环 公 式
Korean\ \ 순환식

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